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Talk about SmoothStep2D at BarcelonaJS

Posted: 27 April, 2013 in News

bcnjslogoNext Thursday i will do a talk about SmoothStep2D at the BarcelonaJS monthly meetup. If you are interested, the talk will consist in an introduction about the project philosophy and it’s features, and if we have enought time, a little live coding of how to load and interact with a 2D skeletal model created with Spine.

See you at the BarcelonaJS meetup!


The SmoothStep2d user guide has been updated with two new sections: Reel Sprites and Skeletal Sprites. Skeletal sprites let you create skeletal animations with Spine software and use it in your scene, you can also interact with this objects like with any other from SmoothStep2D, moving them according to the player input, the state of other objects or whatever you want.


SmoothStep2D Blog

Posted: 9 April, 2013 in News

The SmoothStep2D official blog it’s now open, here I will post about upcoming changes and how to use new features of the framework. It is also a place where you can find links to download the library, documentation, showcases and access to the githup repository. Check the Download¬†and Support sections for that.

I hope you enjoy using SmoothStep2D in the same way I enjoy programming it, and remember that this is an open source project looking for contributors. If you want to know more about SmoothStep2D check the About SS2D section.