User guide updated: Reels and Skeletons

Posted: 14 April, 2013 in Documentation

The SmoothStep2d user guide has been updated with two new sections: Reel Sprites and Skeletal Sprites. Skeletal sprites let you create skeletal animations with Spine software and use it in your scene, you can also interact with this objects like with any other from SmoothStep2D, moving them according to the player input, the state of other objects or whatever you want.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Is posible to mix animations using spine?

    • Gallo says:

      Actually SmoothStep2D only let you play one animation at a time. It’s not difficult to make it play more than one animation at the same time doing a little modification in the ss2d.SkeletalSprite class, but you must be sure that each animation affects different bones, or specify what is the animation each bone must “prioritize”, this will require some extra data, but Spine doesn’t provide a way to add it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the new generic runtime may help, is posible to use this with SmoothStep2D?

  2. Gallo says:

    Not just out of the box, but you can try to create another version of ss2d.SkeletalSprite that uses the official generic runtime instead of the current implementation. I will try to implement this replacement in the future, but If someone creates this new versión of ss2d.SkeletalSprite and made a pull request I will add to the framework.

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