About SS2D

SmoothStep2D is an open source 2D Game development framework written in javascript. It uses HTML5 Canvas element for rendering,  and all available web browser and javascript features to provide a complete and flexible API, that let you focus your effort in implementing the logic of your games. The API design is inspired in Sparrow Framework class design, a really good framework for developing native iOS games.

The first intention when SmoothStep2D was designed, was that it will be used as a framework that you download from github, and use to create your games or multimedia web apps extending it’s prototype classes, and building your project with Google Closure Builder. This is the best and recommended option when you want to create a big project and it’s needed if you want to take profit from multiplayer client/server capabilities.

The problem with this design is that it takes a lot of time for people to learn how the framework works and how to use Google Closure Builder just for a simple Hello World test, wich of course stop people from using it. The solution was to change the design a little to provide SmoothStep2D as a single library file that give you all the framework features just out of the box. This way you have two options if you want to use SmoothStep2D, you can download it from github repository and build your apps with Google Closure Advanced Compiler feature or simply download the library version and code in a script tag if you want, simply including it in your html page.

The feature list of the framework has grown since it’s relase, adding new content loaders and scene object types, and creating documentation that helps you using SmoothStep2D. If you want to report any bug, suggestion or have question about SmoothStep2D framework, please post it on the github issues panel.